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How does it work?

AIPresentationBOOST (BETA) uses artificial intelligence to suggest meaningful text and corresponding images that will work for your presentation.

Tell your AI Assistant some information about your presentation and choose the style and tone you want to use. The AI will respond with suggested content.

If you are short on time or creativity, AI can help fill in some of the gaps in text and also give you some assistance in finding pictures to use on your slides.

  • Enter the title or main topic of your presentation. This gives AI the main focus of your slides.
  • Add a longer description of the presentation. This is where you can narrow down details like are presenting to a live audience or sharing remote slides. If you are presenting to children or want to use easier to understand phrases, add that as well.
  • Add the tone of text you want to use. Choose how you want to give your presentation, should it be friendly, formal, assertive, encouraging, optimistic, profesional, excited or relaxed.
  • Add the style of writing you want to show. Do you want the slides to be concise, creative, descriptive, narrative, active voice, reflective or more personal.
ai can generate powerpoint content in seconds.

Generate presentation content in seconds.


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Describe your presentation

Tell the AI your topic, give a description, choose the tone and style and that's it. AI will handle the rest.


Make it your own

The generated content is simple to use any any presentation software. Copy the text you want to use onto your slides and download the royalty free pictures you want to use that you like most.

You are in control.

Use an AI that works for you.

An AI presentation assistant shouldn't replace PowerPoint or Google Slides. It should make recommendations to YOU that you can then merge into your slides. It's entirely up to you what you bring over into your slides. AIPresentationBoost does not replace PowerPoint for editing your presentations and does not directly interact with your files.You are still after all going to be giving YOUR presentation.

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